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We are located in  Mosheim, TN.   We are 62 miles NE of Knoxville, TN and 62 miles NW of Asheville, NC and  60 miles from the VA border.


UPDATED :9-01-2015: 

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Founded in 1993

   86  AM Champions- 73 Homebred

18 are Best In Specialty Show Winners

1 All Breed Best In Show Winner




Congrats to Nancy Curtis & 

U-CDX Blue Heavens Moonlight Ramble UD RAE MXB MJB

4th place with an entry of over 100 - 398 points out of 400

  just a few points away from his MACH -- master agility championship


Congrats to Carol Mahsem & 

Blue Heavens Honor Guard CD RAE MXB MJB

On Truman's new title and High Combined in Rally Trial


We are very proud of our dogs in ALL rings.

Beauty, brains and health.. what more could you ask for?

Oh yes.......... GREAT OWNERS!!



2015 ASSA National Results

Blue Heavens Blackhawk "Ruger"  1st   6-9 AOAC Dog and pulled as 1 of 4 for WD

       Blue Heavens Korbel "Kory"          3rd  Open Black Dogs  

     Kell Oklahoma Sky "Ladybug"   1st  12-18 Bitches Futurity( not shown in regular classes)

  Trilliant Evoque "Kiera" -      3rd  12-18 AOAC Bitches/ 3rd  in Brood bitch with her dam

            Best Junior Handler          Grace Szczurek  with  Ch Blue Heavens Iced Latte

             Blue Heavens Angel In Disguise and Blue Heaven I've Got a Secret.... both made the cut in  large competitive Open classes....  "Victoria" at 15 months of age was in the biggest class of the Nationals Novice, a class of 27 and "Angie" in  Open Blue from which WB came from.

We choose not to enter anything in Best of Breed this year.



2015 Champions - Owned or bred

   1.    Ch Blue Heavens License To Kill

     2.    Ch Blue Heavens Eye of The Tiger 

                3.     BISS Ch Kell Oklahoma Sky                     

                                                                  4.    Ch Blue Heavens Blackhawk

                                           5.     BISS Ch Blue Heavens Korbel

                                           6.     CH Blue Heavens Angel In Disguise





Ch Blue Heavens Celestial ROM

BISS Ch Blue Heavens Kaltrav Ashley ROM

BISS Ch Blue Heaven Hi Ho Silver ROM

CH Apple Acres Blue Heaven Thunder ROM


2011 ASSA Top Producing Dam

GCH CH Blue Heavens Forget -Me -Not

2003 ASSA Top Producing Dam

BISS Ch Blue Heavens Kaltrav Ashley ROM


June 2015

May 2015

After  Blue Heavens Blackhawk "Ruger" won the 6-9 AOAC Puppy class at 6 months and 2 days of age his first time every in the ring at our National Specialty and than 3 days later was pulled 1 of 4 for consideration for WD at our National we made the difficult decision to send him out with Becky Johnson as their were lots of great shows and specialties coming up that we would be unable to attend to do scheduled judging assingments and vacations... We made the RIGHT decision no doubt about it!!

May 10, 2015...  WD/BW for another 4 point Major for Blue Heavens Blackhawk "Ruger".. wow this baby is on a roll!! 

May 8th, 2015-  Blue Heavens Blackhawk "Ruger" WD for a 4 pt Specialty major from the 6-9 puppy class!! Way to go.. first show out with Becky Johnson and Janet Nurse.



April 2015

April 18th -24th- American Shetland Sheepdog National Specialty. Over 600+ entries. We had an incredible Nationals... Multiple class placements and 2 FIRST!! See full results on top of page.

April 12, 2015-MBISS GCH Ch Blue Heavens Sizzling Hot "Tristan". BB and Group 4

April 11, 2015- Blue Heavens Angel In Disguise "Angie" goes WB/BW for 2 points. Just 4 more singles to go to finish!! MBISS GCH CH Blue Heavens Dom Perignon "Peri" goes Best of Breed.

April 10th, 2015 -  Trilliant Evoque "Kiera" goes WB for 2 more points. This now puts her at 11 points with one Major. She will be sitting out till her new coat arrives in fall.

April 5, 2015- Blue Heavens Korbel WD for another point.

March 2015

March 29, 2105- It is now.. MULTIPLE BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW GCH CH Blue Heavens Sizzling Hot.. Congrats to "Tristan" and owner Waynette Mctague . AND handler Becky Johnson

March 22, 2015-  First weekend out as a  MOVE UP special. Ch Kell Oklahoma Sky "Ladybug" goes BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW over 9 specials . Thank you to judge Randy Sheets for this GREAT HONOR.. We expect GREAT things from this beauty.


March 15, 2015- And in Kentucky AGAIN.... WD/BW Blue Heavens Korbel.. WD 4 shows in a row!! AWESOME job Becky Johnson and Janet Nurse.

HOLY COW............ 36 hour RECORD!!!


Kell Oklahoma Sky "Ladybug" goes WB/BW for a 5 pt Specialty Major to finish. Thank you to Judge Ellen Worthington. 3 -5 point Specialty Majors in 36 hours to finish!! We have only had "Ladybug" 5 weeks...!! And she finished in 7 shows.

March 14, 2015 .Also today in Oklahoma... Blue Heavens Korbel goes WD at the Specialty... thank you to handler Becky Johnson

March 13th AM Show: Kell Oklahoma Sky "Ladybug", WB for a 5 Point Specialty Major . Thank you to judge Jackie Parisek

Also today in Kentucky... Blue Heavens Korbel goes WD at the All Breed show and WD a the Specialty... thank you to handler Becky Johnson

PM SHOW: Kell Oklahoma Skye WB- 5 Point Specialty Major Thank you Judge Jerry Parisek.


March 6, 2015  - Trilliant Evoque "Kiera" wins WB/BW for 2 pts. now putting her at 9 pts with one major and MBISS Ch Blue Heavens Dom Perigon "Peri" wins BB over 5 Specials and this win will complete his GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP.

March 6, 2015-   WHAT AN AWESOME DAY...     It is now CH Blue Heavens Eye of The Tiger "Apollo" goes WD to finish.  NEW CHAMPION

AND our beautiful white Pom boy "Maverick" wins WD/BW for a 4 pt Major!!!


March 1, 2015- It is now MULTIPLE BISS Ch Blue Heavens Dom Perignon. "Peri" wins Best of Breed at Chicagoland SSC , entry of  70+ and 15 Specials. Thank you to judge Linda Churchill


January 2015

January 30, 2015- Blue Heavens Eye of the Tiger goes WD/BW for another 3 pt major. Just 1 singles to go and he will be our 2nd Champion this year already!!

January 23, 2015 - Blue Heavens Eye of the Tiger wins a 3 point Major. "Apollo" now has 10 pts with one major.

January 18, 2015 - GCH Blue Heavens Sizzling Hot "Tristan" goes BB and Group 2. Blue Heavens Eye of The Tiger wins WD again!!

January 17, 2015 - GCH Blue Heavens Sizzling Hot "Tristan" goes BB and Group 1. And Blue Heavens Eye Of The Tiger wins WD. 

Both dogs sired by our lovely Ch Blue Heavens Knockout "Tyson"

January 17, 2015 - NEW CHAMPION!! Ch Blue Heavens License to Kill goes WD/BW for his third major to finish!! Congrats to owner Joy Bass. This makes Ch #7 for his sire MBISS GCH Blue Heavens Lethal Weapon.



2014 Champions - Owned or bred/co-bred

                1. Ch Blue Heavens Sizzling Hot  "Tristan"

                       2. BISS Ch Blue Heavens Dom Perignon "Peri"

                        3. Ch Blue Heavens Smith N' Wesson "Gunner"

4. Ch Blue Heavens Nitro Express

       5. Ch Blue Heavens King of The Wind

6. Ch Blue Heavens Heat Wave       

             7. MBISS GCh Shazadar's Victorian Lace

    8. Ch Shazadar's Blackmyst Lace Up





BISS CH Blue Heavens Hi Ho Silver ROM


rangermouthopen.jpg (26810 bytes)

Rest in Peace My Sweet Boy

October 12, 1998 - June 18, 2013

I will never forget you..........


Welcome to "Blue Heaven Shelties"!  Our  piece of Heaven is located about 15 minutes from Greeneville, TN   We have shown dogs in both performance and conformation.  Our attention is mainly on conformation at this time.

The principle focuses in our breeding program are:
Good health, great temperaments, sound bodies and minds and outstanding movement and correct sheltie type.This is a hobby for us and one we love dearly.

Our Shelties main purpose in life? To love and be loved in return!!! We do this STRICTLY as a hobby we both love and enjoy and not a business!!. We both worked full time jobs and careers our entire life to support this hobby. We are now both fully retired and able to devote more time to our hobby of showing and raising this beautiful breed.

Please enjoy your visit with us and come back anytime.






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