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                           Founded in 1993  - 

We are proud to have owned/bred 120 American Champions to date. 

   104 of those Champions bred by us.          22 Best In Specialty Show Winners  

       2 All Breed Best In Show Winners

Welcome to Blue Heaven Shelties!  Our  piece of Heaven is located about 15 minutes from Greeneville, TN.  We have shown dogs in both performance and conformation.  Our attention is mainly on conformation at this time.

The principle focuses in our breeding program are: good health, great temperaments, sound bodies & minds, outstanding movement, and correct sheltie type.

Our Shelties main purpose in life is to love and be loved in return! We do this STRICTLY as a hobby we both love and enjoy, not a business! We both worked full time jobs and careers our entire lives to support this hobby. We are now both fully retired and able to devote more time to our hobby of showing & raising this beautiful breed.




This lovely girl is available to an approved PET home on a spay contract. She is 12 weeks old and ready to go. Prefers a more active home. Will be about 16" full grown.

Shots, wormed, Microchipped parents full health tested.  $2000 on Spay contract

Email Bluhvns@msn.com or call 608-655-1993 for more info. 

  1. Ch Blue Heavens Hi Ho Silver ROM

  2. Ch Blue Heavens Celestial ROM

  3. BISS Ch Blue Heavens Kaltrav Ashley ROM

  4. Ch Apple Acres Blue Heaven Thunder ROM

  5. MBISS GCh  Blue Heavens Lethal Weapon ROM

  6. Ch Blue Heavens Chantilly Lace ROM

  7. Ch Wynstone Etched Bi Blue Heaven ROM

  8. GCH Kismet's Don't Mess With Texas ROM

  9. Ch Blue Heavens Sizzling Ice ROM

 2020 Champions

1. Ch Blue Heavens Fresh Dressed             

     2. Ch Blue Heavens Dressed In Spades            

3.CH Blue Heavens Double Derringer          

4. Ch Blue Heavens Kiss The Sky                

   5. Ch Mystic Suntime Amything For Love           

  6.Ch Blue Heavens I've Got A Crush               

7. Ch Blue Heavens I've Been Wiating For You

8. Ch Blue Heavens Paloma                         

9. Ch Blue Heavens Nighthawk Triple Threat    


      1. Ch Blue Heavens Road To Happiness

2. Ch Beckon Serving Hard  Time  

3. Ch Blue Heavens Daydreamer   

   4. Ch Blue Heavens Orange Blossom

5. Ch Blue Heavens Sizzling Salsa

             6.  Ch Blue Heavens Sizzling Summer Nights  

1. Ch Kell Western Wear  

               2. Ch Blue Heavens I've Got You Babe

          3. Ch Blue Heavens Tequila Sunrise

        4. Ch Blue Heavens Danger Zone

     5. Ch Blue Heavens Neon Light

   6. Ch Blue Heavens Sky Rocket

        7. Ch Blue Heavens Feel The Noiize

  1. Ch Blue Heavens French Lace

  2. Ch Blue Heavens Secret Find   

  3. Ch Blue Heavens Heart of Dixie               

  1. Ch Blue Heavens Sizzling Satin

  2. Ch Blue Heavens I've Got a Secret 

  3. Ch Trilliant Evoque                       

  4. Ch Laketrail I'm Pretty and I Know It

  5. Ch Blue Heavens Big Bang              

  1. Ch Blue Heavens License To Kill

  2. Ch Blue Heavens Eye of The Tiger 

  3. BISS Ch Kell Oklahoma Sky    

  4. Ch Blue Heavens Blackhawk

  5. BISS Ch Blue Heavens Korbel

  6. Ch Blue Heavens Angel In Disguise

  7. Ch Blue Heaven Black Ops

  1. Ch Blue Heavens Sizzling Hot 

  2. BISS Ch Blue Heavens Dom Perignon 

  3. Ch Blue Heavens Smith N' Wesson 

  4. Ch Blue Heavens Nitro Express

  5. Ch Blue Heavens King of The Wind

  6. Ch Blue Heavens Heat Wave       

  7. MBISS GCh Shazadar's Victorian Lace

  8. Ch Shazadar's Blackmyst Lace Up

2011 ASSA Top Producing Dam

GCH CH Blue Heavens Forget -Me -Not


2003 ASSA Top Producing Dam

BISS Ch Blue Heavens Kaltrav Ashley ROM


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