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GCH Kismet's Don't Mess With Texas ROM



Pictured at 10 1/2 years old             

BISS GCh Kismet's Silver Chalice of Paray ROM x Ch Kismet's Watered Silk ROM.


15 1/4", NWF , Non Bi Factored, DMS aabb 2:01:2:01

OFA EX, Eyes OFA, MDR1 Normal/Normal





We cannot thank Guy and Thelma Mauldin enough for letting this beautiful boy come to Blue Heaven.  Arriving in March of 2015 he has been an exceptional addition to our stud force.

""Devon" had 4 Champions when he arrived at Blue Heaven in 2015. He achieved his ROM in 2018 in very limited use. He will be an influencial sire in our pedigrees for many years to come.

"Devon" is a dog you have to meet in person. I have never met a sweeter more affectionate dog who loves everyone he meets and is a non stop showing fool without a noise sensitive bone in his body.

He is 15 1/4" and siring outstanding puppies with beautiful bodies, lean heads dark eyes, ground covering movement and bomb proof temperaments. He carries a large harsh coat and a beautiful croup and tail set.


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