MBISS CH Blue Heavens Dom Perignon

MBISS Ch Rosmoor Protocol ROM MBISS GCH Blue Heavens Champagne On Ice AOM

OFA- Good, Eyes CERF,  DMS:aabb  VWD Clear MDR1 N/N


"Peri" is the dog we all dream about breeding. He is the one we shed tears for. All the heartbreaks we go through with this breed, and one comes along like this puppy to let you know it really is all worth it.

"Peri" followed in his mothers footsteps and had a Championship career to follow in his mothers footsteps.

He finished in 6 shows......... Winning his last 4 shows in a row all Specialty Majors and topping it off by finishing with a BISS over 10 specials including his mother at 7 months and 22 days .


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