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Ch Blue Heavens I've Got A Secret

10 weeks

10 weeks

Ch Blue Heavens Smith N' Wesson  x  GCH Blue Heavens Secret Weapon


"Victoria" is what I feel our standard outlines in detail.   "Moderately long with  much of the length coming from the correct angulation".  I challenge anyone to show me a better front than this bitch has. Along with her stunning correct headpiece, beautiful body balance, with correct balance and length of leg, and correctly placed long  arched neck she is the complete package.  


Finishing with a 5 pt Specialty major at just a few days past her 2 year old birthday she finished quite fast with all her points gathered within a 4 month period. She will be bred to GCH Kismet's Don't Mess With Texas "Devon" in 2016.

She is from  one of the only 4 litters sired by Ch Blue Heavens Smith N' Wesson   before he left for Australia. Her mother is our  multiple group placing (from the classes)  GCH Blue Heavens Secret Weapon.. Her pedigree doubles on MBISS GCH Blue Heavens Lethal Weapon "Gibson"ROM  She measures just a tad BELOW 15" but appears to be so much taller due to her correct neck length and front end placement.

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